Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hey everybody,
I've been MIA for so long so I've decided to come back because I miss you all so much!.
I'm going to make my first video tomorrow, but I'm going to challenge myself to go foundation free at school for like 10 days, just to see the effects on my skin. Let me know if you've ever done anything like this before. I hope you're all doing well :)
Zara xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fashion pictures from my computer 6

More of these posts.... I bet you guys are about ready to kill yourselves. Ahh I am so shit. It has even taken me ages just to post this. Have been working on my graphics business and on getting licensing for my work, a lot of stuff on instagram, a new job and a lot of stuff from prom. 
So my focus of this photograph is the gorgeous long and glossy black hair.The styling is extra layed back, though I would say that the plait looks like it's falling out.
The above photographs belong to, who is a blogger that I follow religiously. She bought these gorgeous lightsaber earrings on the web, I adore them.
ughh, you all know how I feel about Katy Perry, but her hair and makeup is more flawless than usual here. The showstopper for me is the freckled skin though, she is flawless.
The mac for vera pigment stack that I highly regret not getting. I don't even  remember what it's called.
So this is and always will be one of my favourikte images. I love her hair and her crazy summer style, yet her figure is the thing I like the most.
So I have no idea where this is from, but this is cool. I love the mint colour with those lips
TACKYTACKYTACKYTACKY yet I would still wear in a crazy situation.

Once again, I have no idea who the original owner of this photograph is, but I do know that they are an absolute creative genius and I need these on my nails 24/7.
This is a drawing of some mint green litas by jeffrey campbell. If these heels actually existed then I would be all over them.
I completely forgot which company these heels are from, but they are absolutely fabulous. Rhubarb and custard heels are what I need in my life and I'm lusting after bright pink and bright yellow stilletos atm.
This is MORANGE, a lipstick from mac that is literally just a bright orange. I want this for my lips, but I am also curious about the tonnes of people that use it to conceal under eye circles.
Miley Cyrus' outfit for the hunger games premiere. Her boyfriend, Liam, plays Gale in the movie so she was invited to the premiere. I really love 2 piece outfits, there's a really adorable bold patterned one that rihanna wore on either the cover of glamour or the cover of cosmopolitan (I think it's the latter) which is just so gorgeous. It's so different from the usual premiere dress code of DRESSES and it's super unique without being slutty.
This is the OPI nail lacquer from the vintage minnie mouse collection in 'nothin mousie bout it'. I really want to buy it and give it to my nail technician to cover my nails in for prom.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Fashion photos from my computer 5

So here we are again. Today I had my Chemistry extension GCSE and it went really well. I still cannot find my camera charger so I'm stuck with this. Plus I'm enjoying myself right now.
I like this photograph, I think if it was me it would be one of my favourites. I LOVE the eye makeup and hair and the chilled out grey hoodie, but the eye makeup is what I am focusing on here.
Crystalled or glittery iphone cases, Do you like them? I personally love them and I think this one is super classy whilst also being girly and fun. It also reminds me of my own iphone case before somebody stole my iphone.
I HATE Carlsberg, yet I really love these nails. I am suddenly leaning more towards longer single coloured nails opposed to mid length french manicured nails. I also like one simple classy ring.
As generic as this lipstick colour is, it is still pretty. My main focus of this photograph is the AMAZING heart shaped pink gradient and gold rimmed sunglasses. These are adorable and sexy and one of a kind.
as much as I admire Nicki Minaj and have her as one of my top style icons, I would never wear what she wears. That said, I would KILL for this denim barbie jacket.
These shoes are really cute and studded with studs that are different from the norm. I just think they're kinda southern and texas like whilst being classy and sexy.
This girl in herself is so thin and tiny. It confuses me massively, but I really like the simple thin cotton fabric maxi dress kind of thing.
These heels are so fabulous! I think they are KG but I am not sure. IF ANYBODY KNOWS WHO THESE ARE THEN PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. I love the super summery colour scheme with the straps and the lines and the GOLD!
so this is butterfly dreams from the Mac and Vera collection. I have had one lipgloss since I was around 7, it's a sheer purple jelly with blue irridescence. There was fast friends, which sold out, then now there is this, which unfortunately was sold out too :(. I also forgot where I got this picture.
Kendall Jenner is just simply stunning, but please just check out this amazing HAIR!. I have hair envy.
So I usually hate wedge heel hybrids, but these are cool and both wedges and heels at the same time. I am not sure who makes these but I am sure that I love them.
So everyone is aware that I adore these Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes. I NEED NEED NEED a pair. omg.
So these aren't exactly a fashionable statement, but these are shoes that leave animal prints in the snow and look only slightly different from normal boots. I just think they are very fun and crazy and the next big thing in couture.... maybe.
So firstly, just holding a drink this colour makes you fashionable. The nails themselves are so summery and so pool party esque. I fucking love it. I am so excited for this summer!
This is Miley Cyrus' halloween costume. I totally love it. I want to have that necklace for everyday wear though.

Thank you for reading, I love you guys. x

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Fashion pictures from my computer 4

Yet more of these crazy fashion posts. I know I must be driving you guys insane.

These are some iron fist boots. The are just sexy with the two different textured halves and lengths. I just need them.

A bat bag. This is beyond the realms of too cool.
This is EXACTLY the kind of over the top wannabe emo and gothic jewellery that I really dislike.

I need this shirt. I know it's really trashy, but I just really like it, though I wouldn't wear it in such a trashy way.
I do not know why but I totally want these shoes., They are odd yet funky, which is what I like I guess.
Am I the only one who thinks that all these skulls look like Davy Jones??
These two are exceptionally cute. I love studs and zips, but I feel like the zips could get caught in clothing somehow.
I just love and need these gloves. A perfect pair of fingerless gloves for the transition between summer and winter.

I just love this t shirt. I just love HER.
There is not one person who can say that the hair, lipstick, eyeliner, dress, gloves and jacket aren't perfect. I need these to get in my life.
Hahaha, before anybody asks I am NOT pregnant, I just would wear the shirt if it wasn't maternity. 
So this is our classic teenage hipster type situation. I am really REALLY not a fan. It's far too over complicated.
I LOVE the bow tie. I just think bow ties are awesome and this girl is getting it right by encourportating it into her everyday style.
Why are you dressing like this for SCHOOL? You look like you are going clubbing, but with less clothing.
This just makes me feel sick at how little hope the future of the human race has.
This tattoo is amazing and I need it. I definately DEFINATELY want something like this, with these words.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Random fashion pictures on my computer 3

So unfortunately for you guys it is another one of these posts. This one seems to kind of revolve around gothic jewellery, but there are some other bits further on.
So this is a vampire's teeth ring. It's just really adorable and could be worn in a way  that would make it not very gothic at all.
So you guys will probably know how I am a huge fan of crosses, especially alchemy gothic ones at that. This one is DEFINATELY on the wish list. IT HAS SYMBOLS AND POINTS, BATS WINGS and my favourite thing about it is the OBSIDIAN BLACK CRYSTAL BAR. I need this in every way.
This girl is super hot and super adorable. She straigtht away reminds me of a punkier Rosie Huntington Whitely. Plus she is wearing a men's checked shirt, which is something I love, as well as sheer red lipgloss and black nails. I hate the hair though :(
These are extremely ostentatious heels, but I love them and need them.The cheetah print is a bit too bright for my liking but I love the huge bow and the cut out heart in the odd shaped heel. I LOVELOVELOVE ankle straps on heels but I wish this one was leopard.
I can't decide if I love or hate this. When I first saved it I loved it and now I can't stand it. I will say that if I do love this I would only wear it with a plain dress or a tshirt and jeans.
I love everything Tim Burton, especially the nightmare before christmas, so I would snap these up if I ever found them. I don't own any earmuffs and these ones are white and fluffy so I would adore them. Plus halloween and christmas are my personal favourite holidays. These are just lush.
I'd first like to point out that this girl looks just like Leesha ( We are focusing on the leggings/tights please because i hate the shirt but love the leggings. These are perfection. They're like a cross between whale net and ripped. I just need them in my life.
I'm not sure on this. This is kind of the average teenage hipsterish look going around now and I can't decide how I feel about it. I think her bra showing on the right hand side of the photo is a no no though, unless it's purposeful. I do really like the hat and the colour of her shirt though.
This is a bracelet, which I am loving recently and it has bats on it. I literally adore bats so nothing could be nicer for me than this.
I really love kooky and crazy earrings. I think I only own one pair of sensible earrings (wearing now) and even they are HUGE silver balls. These are cute baby furry tarantulas. I don't know why these popped out to me because I hate spiders, but I love these and I have a spider nose stud.
This ring is really garish and has a huge stone, which can be considered tacky, but it's not trying to look fake like all the cheap rings nowadays and the colour of the stone combined with the setting and the colour of the metal reminds me of aristocratic vampires. If you've seen the movie the little vampire you would understand.
Okay, I think these are supposed to be regular spine hoops, but XENAMORPH EARRINGS! (aliens reference). I will definately finding these, hopefully on etsy. I love geeky jewellery!
This is a lizard bag. I have a bat bag. Therefore I need a lizard bag. (my warped logic).
I'm not really a fan of this. I used to adore this and really really want one, but recently my friend Rosie got one and I bought a pair that are the same but with huge crosses, so I kinda decided against it.
These are from the twitter of mrs @ritaoar  ( and I feel like heels without sides are a pointless investment because you might fall out of them. That said I would definately buy these. I love the sexy straps and the odd back, I like how much of the foot is on show and I love the colour scheme. Plus I just love high wedges and red velvet.

That's all for today <3 x
Do you have a fashion blog?
Do you own any cross necklaces?
Do you wear ripped leggings or tights?